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Always comply and apply the process accurately
Xổ số miền nam 30 ngày Being the root cause of the matter

According to the Vietnamese dictionary, “Accountability” is defined as “ a task or duty which has a very close relationship with your words and behaviors, and it must be done in the right way in order not to bear the consequences”. At Nhat Tin Logistics, Accountability starts with adherence to the execution of procedures, which essentially means that getting your work done according to the process. Our Accountability binds us to the courses of our action. When tasks are not performed satisfactorily, the consequences will not only affect the individual but can filter down to other departments’ activities and functions, as well as the company’s overall performance. Let’s start with simple steps that you complete your assigned tasks in accordance with the correct policy and procedures.

Following and applying the right process is the best way for us to reach the expected results and meet the expectations of our customers. Successful results are shared by not only the company as a whole but by all individuals as well. I apply the right process, you apply the right process, and then we can become an organization of operating Integrity. Put the word “Trust” on the top and at first – Nhat Tin. If an individual member of the company does not adhere to proper procedures, then the entire company suffers on some levels. Any poor performance not only affects the immediate department but can greatly affect other related departments. Consequently, the negative impacts can have long term impacts on the Company as a whole. Customers will assess the results, not at an individual level, but will negatively view the quality of service of the entire company. As a result, the company’s mission fails, customers may leave us, and everyone involved will experience a personal loss. Admittedly, it is not always easy to pinpoint the immediate issues. However, it is guaranteed that when an issue is identified, it is not taken lightly.

So if we always adhere to the company’s proper procedures, are we considered to be accountable? The answer is “not yet”. In some cases, there may not be specific rules or guidelines for handling an exact situation. This may prove to be problematic since it may not be easy to identify whether a particular responsibility or job is ours or if it belongs to someone else. The reality is that there cannot be enough written rules and procedures to handle all situations, and there isn’t always just a single individual who is directly responsible for a task. When faced with these types of situations, we apply the principle: “I am the root cause of the matter”Xổ số miền nam 30 ngày. Whatever the case may be, it is our duty to perform whatever is determined to be most beneficial to the company.

Am I the root cause of the matter? If anything goes wrong, we are keen on finding out the reasons behind the issues and learning lessons from our mistakes. Understanding the root cause is central to resolving our issues. Instead of expecting, hoping, blaming, we will always ask: What actions can we now take to solve the issue? Everyone makes mistakes, but it is more important to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. There’s no exception at Nhat Tin Logistics! We do not attack those who are wrong, but this does not mean that we have the right to claim ignorance and negligence as an excuse. We take pride in the fact that when an incident occurs, we do not waste time pointing out individual errors, but we instead use that valuable time to ask ourselves what we will do to turn that error into a breakthrough and a lesson learned.

By complying and following the right procedures, and by identifying ourselves as the root cause of the matter, we are helping to make the Company’s vision a reality. We act committed and responsibly as if the company itself, belongs to our family, and that we are the owner of this company.

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